SEED has taken up activities that promote socio-economic development of women in its operational area. Self-help groups (SHGs) engaged in income generation activities have come up as economy contributors of families. Their capacity building, bank and credit linkages through SEED have ensured that women are participating in development process and their social dignity are getting enhanced. The income generation programmes of members of these SHGs have-not only transformed women into economic sources but also instilled a sense of confidence among them. The organisation not only assists in selecting trades for Income Generation Programme (IGP) but also facilitates record keeping and provides technical guidance. In addition, SEED has imparted training on reproductive health, institutional delivery, and the use of safe drinking water, mosquito nets, and the use of shoes.


SEED takes active part in rights based and action oriented programmes. The rights of women get priority over other action agenda. SEED organizes meetings, road shows and campaigns on the rights and privileges of women and issues on environment degradation. In such interactive platforms participants discuss subjects on climatic changes, different welfare and rural development schemes, gender mainstreaming, women’s literacy, child rights, livelihoods, and primary education. SEED promotes women’s participation in development process and enabling their voice to be heard at appropriate platform. SEED imparts training on reproductive healthcare, institutional delivery, use of safe drinking water, mosquito nets, shoes etc.


The international women’s day is celebrated by women with crowds of villagers at SEED Kanyashram every year on 8th March. Women self-help group members, mothers and students participate on it. On the occasion rally, skit, speeches etc are organised against dowry, women’s trafficking, female feticide etc. issues. Successful women entrepreneurs share their change of lives.