Since its inception, SEED has always given emphasis on women empowerment and economic self-sufficiency. SEED Women have not actively participated in their emancipation due to the lack of illiteracy and economic independence. SEED has formed and strengthened women self-help in various aspects i.e. health & sanitation, income generation, government schemes and facilities welfare and rural development schemes, (MGNREGA, RTI, SGSY, BRGF, livelihoodmission , ICDS). The SHGs are able to conduct their meetings independently & regularly. They are maintaining their own records, performing their bank linkage without any external support, and have a liaison with Government officials. SEED also manages Micro-credit programmes in the S. Tandapalli and Pandurpani areas of the Malkanagiri district of Odisha and provides micro-credit support to poor tribal people, for the purpose of raising their income through need-based micro-entrepreneurship. The awareness created among the community members on usage of mosquito net, construction of low cost latrines, usage of safe drinking water, timely immunization and antenatal check up, promotion of Janani SurakhyaYojana, Gaon Kalyan Samiti, and implementation of MGNREGA etc. In the meetings the group members have discussed with the community on some key points and persuaded them for sending the children to school, literacy for illiterate women, participation in PalliSabha and Gram Sabha, gathering knowledge about SRH, HIV/ AIDS, various schemes and programmes of govt. hand wash, water borne diseases & breast-feeding, role of panchayat and its services etc.