Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are always taken as great asset. A number of volunteers from different countries having unique characteristics and great passion have been associated with SEED for making some difference in the life of the poorest of the poor This program is intended to offer the volunteers a cross-cultural learning. It offers the volunteers to apply and showcase their ideas and work as well as enabling SEED to learn new models of work from them. We hope this blending of thoughts, ideas and experience will create a remarkable impact on the society in a positive way.

It is a great opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives in a short time through Volunteer service. You’ll gain perspective and insights while in the same time the satisfaction of helping others by living and working with local residents will be added advantage. In order to be associated with SEED for Volunteer programme the candidates are required to avail prior permission from SEED as well as Ministry of Foreign affairs.


Maryel Dutrey MAP, France oriented the staffs on effective teaching and campus development activities. She has been supporting SEED on various infrastructures of SEED as such- bore well excavation, renovation of lavatory and dining complex, electrical work atclass rooms etc. the students have been supplied with teaching learning materials, clothes, sports materials, teaching aids; etc.