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SEED began in 1991 as a volunteer organization formed by social workers with one worthy goal: to increase the social, economic, and cultural development of the Malkangiri aboriginal tribes in Odisha. The Organization's diverse programs restore power to the people to create ways for the communities to gain access to and control of their own resources.

These programs work towards social justice by lessening exploitation, poverty, dependence, and social class differences, and by providing underprivileged people with higher education and eradicating illiteracy. SEED also proudly hosts women empowerment programme, healthcare and environmental programmes, rehabilitation of physically challenged persons and for care of infants and children. SEED was registered under FCRA (number 105090006) in 2005, and is registered under the State Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.

Our Mission :

Provide quality care to the people of Odisha.
Provide community education about eye diseases.
Study the prevention and cure of eye diseases.
Provide affordable services to the poor.
End blindness among rural & tribal peoples.
Increase productivity through blindness prevention.

Our Target:

57% of the population in central Odisha makes about Rs. 12 a day, which is equivalent to $0.25.
Every year, over 100,000 people become blind. 63% of these cases are due to cataracts.
Most of the health care centers are located on the coast and are inaccessible to the people of central and western Odisha.