The Government of India is supporting SEED implementation as an educational complex for tribal girls named as SEED Kanyashram. It has a special focus on female literacy, a targeted scheme of strengthening education among Scheduled Tribe girls in the districts, as well as, specific components to improve girl's education of women in shaping the size of family and outlook of in improving.

An Educational complex for primitive (koya) tribal girl run by SEED Kanyashram at S.Tandapalli and imparting education from class-I to Class- V, children. It has been established and managed by SEED at Tandapalli village of Korukonda block, Malkangiri district of Odisha, since February 1998.The total enrollment in the school this 2012-2013 year is 140 students. The main objective of the Educational Complex for Tribal Girls is to increase women literacy in Malkangiri district. . The teachers use different innovatives and joyful teaching leaning methods to create enthusiasm amongst the children to learn, enhance the mental ability and aptitude of the children. The girl children are imparted education in a joyful atmosphere, through song, dance, story telling, games and various teaching & learning materials. The educational complex providing the essential items like accommodation, food, clothes, soap, oil, different teaching and learning materials, regular fortnightly Health check-ups with medicines, vocational training like tailoring, kithen garden and sili culture , incentives and pocket money etc .

During this reporting period, we have conducted half-yearly and annual examination, sports, annual function, cultural meet,picnic excursion and different co-curricular activities like dancing, painting, and playing etc. They have Celebrated Festivals like: New Year, Republic Day, Saraswati puja, Ganesh Puja. The collaborations of both mothers meetings and parents-teachers meeting were conducted to review the performance of the children and suggest for better improvement of the program. Conducted health check up and provided necessary medicine during illness of students. Teaching learning materials, toys, playing materials provided to SEED Kanyashram students At SEED Kanyashram girls are playing volley ball, badminton and skipping rope. They have also provided cycle for practice cycling.

National day celebration like Gandhi Jayanti,Chilldren's Day , Teachers Day, Independent Day and Republic Day Independent Day and Republic Day were observed at the school through our National Flag hoisting ceremony and the children also demonstrated a flag march. During the observation of Saraswati Puja (Goddess of Education), students worshipped the goddess and the school was provided with sweets for the children.

The school has included in its curriculum to practice 'YOGA', as a measure to bring about mental peace, attention span, concentration and increased remembrance, to lead a healthy life. Every Saturday morning, the students practice various types of Yoga.

In the educational year 2012-13, a total of 37 children successfully passed in class V.